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CC and Anna Toews emigrated from Southern Russia in 1924 and settled near Linden, Alberta.  Most of their descendents still live in Southern Alberta and maintain the family farm as a meeting place, community event centre, and home of the Acme Linden Growing Project for the Canadian Foodgrains Bank. http://www.foodgrainsbank.ca/

at the C. C. TOEWS FARM
Tuesday, September 29, 2015

  • This year's wheat crop yield was 40 bushels per acre
  • About 500 people attended the supper
  • Money raised at the supper was $15, 480.00
  • For more information on Food Grains Projects see: 
    • http://foodgrainsbank.ca 
    • http://foodgrainsbank.ca/get-involved/growing-projects/

Saturday, May 23, 2015 - Annual Work Bee 
10:00am - Lunch and Supper Provided

See the "to-do" list to the right - something for every skill level. :) 

If you are planning on attending, please email Blayne at blaynemeek@hotmail.com. We want to make sure we have enough work... I mean food, for everyone. ;) 

- painting the new window sills in the house from the new window installation

- cover boiler with a permanent structure
- paint the inside of the camp kitchen 
- repair all facets of garage
- repair garden swing
- clean up dead wood: cut, split and stack
- Spread wood chips around newly planted trees
- bury power cable to camp area
- put up new pole for power
- clean up the flower beds
- visit with family members and enjoy free lunch and supper

CP Toews Family Reunion 2012
The 'big' reunion, held about every three years, occurred at Evergreen Farm July 6-8, 2012.  This year included a special celebration of Frank and Nancy Toews' 75th Wedding Anniversary!! Thank you to the Frank Toews Family for organizing and hosting this event.

Photos are available for viewing. See Reunions Page.

Gerry & Lorraine's 50th Wedding Anniversary Open House
Held Sunday, July 7, 2013, 2 to 4 p.m. At the CC Toews Farm

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